Asbestos Claims

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Asbestos Claims

Asbestos claims are filed in order to recover damages linked to contracting the cancer. The plaintiff, also referred to as the person filing the claim, is seeking financial compensation for medical expenses, suffering and loss of income.
For asbestos injury cases, there are two types of mesothelioma claims that are evident. These two claims are those of a personal injury claim and a wrongful death claim. There is a tremendous difference between the claims as a personal injury claim is filed by the patient and the wrongful death claim is filed by a family member after the death of the patient.
Luckily, companies who manufacture asbestos products often file for bankruptcy after claims against them have been made or after they lost in court. After claims have been made against them, they file for bankruptcy to stay financially stable. Ironically, some good arises when companies file for bankruptcy because patients are eligible to receive mesothelioma compensation funds. To receive such funds, a lawyer will need to be present because they know the best route to get them.



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