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Mesothelioma Hub


Unlike most websites out there covering this topic, Mesothelioma Hub offers a full spectrum of support, not just legal. They aim to provide up-to-date, and well researched information to their user base.

Mesothelioma Center

Twitter: @TheMesoCenter

The Mesothelioma Center through uses Twitter to offer links to its website, which posts about mesothelioma news, symptoms to look out for, coping tips and advice, and how to avoid asbestos.


Twitter: @mesothelioma

his aptly titled account based out of Texas seeks to increase awareness about contact with asbestos as well as post links about cancer research, strengthening your immune system, and maintaining optimism.

Dog's Best Friend

Twitter: @lethemknow

This basic Twitter account from a mesothelioma sufferer has a separate section that bookmarks and highlights helpful links for those enduring a difficult time. Otherwise, he posts about his daily life.

Mesothelioma News

Twitter: @mesonews

This Mesothelioma News account updates often about the latest questions and concerns about the cancer. You can also find books to read about asbestos and how it affects people both legally and medically.


Twitter: @MD4Mesothelioma

A Los Angeles surgeon who researches and posts updates about mesothelioma runs this account. He also performs surgeries.

The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog


This blog features five different and talented bloggers, including mesothelioma researchers and survivors. Posts center on seasonal and newsworthy items as well as tips for health and an advocate of the month post in which an individual fighting cancer is spotlighted. An example post includes New Year's resolutions for cancer patients.

Blog for a Cure


This blog features writers that currently combat or have survived mesothelioma. You can then read more about these courageous writers' daily lives, which include words of encouragement and hope for those currently struggling.'s Mesothelioma Center Blog


The Mesothelioma Center through features a blog specifically about the cancer. Topics range from the condition to legal issues about asbestos, a common cause of mesothelioma. Example posts include outreach topics like how donation for cancer can actually lead to more research and thus possibly a cure for mesothelioma.



This blog seeks to raise awareness about mesothelioma. A variety of writers describe the dangers of asbestos and where you could possibly encounter it. Treatment options are debated and championed. An example post includes a news piece about cleaning up asbestos in local New York schools and the high cost of this activity.

Mesothelioma & Me


This individual blog was run by a woman named Debbie who was fighting mesothelioma as of 2006. Unfortunately, she passed away from the condition. However, the blog can still present plenty of information, such as how asbestos can cause the cancer as well as words of hope and wisdom.

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