Mesothelioma Lung Cancer Tip

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Mesothelioma Lung Cancer Tip

An extremely rare form of lung cancer that is evident in the mesothelium is mesothelioma lung cancer. Mesothelioma lung cancer is caused by asbestos exposure. If one has mesothelioma then it is accurate to say they’ve had exposure to asbestos in their life.
Although smoking does not cause mesothelioma, an individual who smokes and who was exposed to asbestos is almost guaranteed to get lung cancer. However, asbestos is the sole reason one develops mesothelioma lung cancer. The way asbestos enters an individual’s body is through their lungs.
Asbestos can enter the body through the lungs because it floats in the air as if it were a dust particle and can be inhaled easily. This will have a negative impact on malignant cells which are the heart of lung cancer. Mesothelioma lung cancer is increasing each year and in past decades, physicians misdiagnosed it as lung cancer. Even though ninety percent of lung cancer cases are because of smoking, causes of mesothelioma are also beginning to play a significant role. Asbestos, the cause of mesothelioma, increases the risk of lung cancer by nine times.



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