Mesothelioma Stages Tip

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Mesothelioma Stages Tip

There are four mesothelioma stages which strive to find out how far the cancer has spread. With the use of x-rays and MRI scans, this is an accurate way to see what stage the cancer is on.
Stage one is where mesothelioma is on one side of the chest and isn’t growing into the chest wall. It will either be on the right or left side of the chest and spread to a few small spots in the outer lining of the lung. Stage two is when mesothelioma makes its way into the chest wall and has grown into the pleura on the other side of the chest.
For stage three, mesothelioma has grown through the diaphragm into the lining of the abdominal cavity. This is where it spreads to lymph nodes past the chest. Stage four is the worst stage for mesothelioma as it can spread into numerous locations. It can spread into the chest wall, through the diaphragm, into any organ in the mediastinum, the spine, to the other side of the chest from where it was, the heart, nerves leading to the arm, lymph nodes and organs through the bloodstream.



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