Benign Mesothelioma Information

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Benign Mesothelioma Information

Mesothelioma is also known as fibrous or multicystic mesothelioma and is categorized as a non-cancerous tumor that inside the pleura, the lining around and in the lungs. Benign mesothelioma is not related to asbestos cancer. The pleura are composed of cells known as mesothelial cells, which prevent the lungs and other organs from rubbing together by secreting a liquid substance. With benign mesothelioma, there is no pleura effusion production. It develops in the lungs more frequently than in the stomach, reproductive tissues, and heart and occurs more in men than it occurs in women it. The most important difference between the cancerous form of mesothelioma and the benign form is that with the benign form, tumors do not spread to the other tissues in the body.
Both the benign and malignant tumors are a result of asbestos exposure. This happens when airborne asbestos fibers travel and reach the linings of the lungs and while there cause cell damage in the lining resulting in abnormal cell growth.
Who is at Risk?
• Workers in occupations where asbestos is used or produced
• Exposure to fertilizers and pesticides that contain vermiculite
• drinking of contaminated water
• Living with a person who brings asbestos home on their clothing

At least 50% of those affected with benign mesothelioma do not even know they have it and is usually made aware of the disease through things such as X-rays. Those who do have symptoms can experience;
• Chronic coughing
• Chest pain
• Fever
• The most common symptom, clubbed fingers.
In Papillary mesothelioma other areas not affected by most forms of mesothelioma are sometimes affected here. This includes areas such as the membrane covering the sides and front of the epidedymis and testicles in men and the ovaries in women.



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